A Creative

  • More than 25 years of creative design experience
  • 20 years of brand development experience
  • 13 years of website development experience
  • Over 10 years of direct sales experience
  • B2B & B2C marketing & advertising experience
  • Developed team leadership skills & experience

Manager - Sales - Designer - Developer - Producer - Editor - Copywriter

Dedicated team player

Honest, trustworthy and as loyal as they come, Jay makes an excellent addition to any team and is able to fill any position including leadership roles and high-level tasks

  • Leadership Skills

    Proven track record in team organization, effectively allowing the team to work together to achieve a goal while maintaining high morale

  • Communication Skills

    Very strong and capable use of the English language, both written and oral, with professional copywriting experience as well as training in journalism and technical writing

  • Brand Ambassador

    An aptitude for getting to know a company's brand and aligning with the goals, ideals and identity of the business and representing it in a positive light

A business professional driven by creative ideas

Born & raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jay Cole is a homegrown original and loyal to his roots. A self-built branding guru complete with direct sales experience, any brand put into his hands is bound to get attention.

While proficient with computers, software and building brands and websites, Jay is truly at home in nature and spending time with animals. The simplistic complexities of the natural world inspire his work from delivering a message to interface and user experience designs. With a diverse experience, Jay is an expert consultant capable of producing a polished finished product or leading a team to the next level.

Always An Avid Learner

Jay enjoys discovering what he does not yet know and diving into new things to figure out exactly how they work

The Art Of Storytelling

Everything is a story, so you should be telling a compelling one and Jay can tune any message to ensure maximum impact

Skills & Abilities

Technical Skills
Microsoft Office

Extensive training and experience in Microsoft products including Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access and Publisher. Over 30 years of Microsoft experience through consistently delivering high quality work and providing solutions for technical issues.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Training and experience in design software including Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lighroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Character Animator, Acrobat, Audition and much more. More than 25 years of diverse professional Adobe experience.

Web Design & Development

Capable of conceptualizing, designing and developing a website from start to finish. Proficient in HTML and CSS and experienced with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Skilled at user interface design, information architecture, content management systems, e-Commerce management and more. Specializing in custom WordPress development.

Advertising & Marketing

Experienced with marketing campaign creation from concept to launch. Capable of setting up online ad accounts, ad campaigns including ad sets, budget management and more. Have had success with all campaign efforts, going up against larger advertising agencies and outperforming their efforts in cost per lead as well as number of leads.

Social Media Management

Knowledgeable and experienced at social media account management, from set up to post scheduling. Extensive experience creating content for a strong social media presence on  all relevant platforms while keeping up with the latest technical changes and trends.

Creative Skills
Brand Development

Extensive experience in branding including naming and messaging, logo creation, market positioning, demographic targeting and style guides. Capable of extending a brand across all media types while maintaining consistency and a cohesive brand identity in order to facilitate and encourage brand recognition.

Print & Digital Design

Expert in both print and digital graphic design. Capable of producing visually compelling content and delivering messages and information clearly and effectively. Experienced in creating deliverables for all forms of print and digital media, such as cards, flyers, menus, social & web imagery, vehicle wraps, apparel, products, magazines, textbooks and more.

Copywriting & Typography

Experienced copywriter capable of producing high quality, creative and genuine content for a wide range of applications including print media, websites, social media, multimedia and more. Well versed in all aspects of typography and the history of type, with meticulous attention to detail.

Photography, Video & Audio

Advanced knowledge of composition, exposure, lighting techniques and post-processing. Skilled in camera operation, lens usage, tripods and oher photography equipment. Versatile knowledge of audio and video production including recording, editing, composition, color grading, sound engineering and mastering. Familiar with all formats and deliverables.

Managerial Skills

Proven leadership skills with the ability to assemble, organize, and structure effective teams that work together to achieve specific goals. Being mindful of each member can create a supportive work environment that fosters high morale and encourages each team member to reach their full potential.


Strong communication skills with a proven ability to effectively communicate complex ideas and information through written and oral means. A skilled copywriter with years of professional experience creating compelling content across a variety of media platforms. Training and experience in journalism and technical writing, with the ability to adapt communication styles to different audiences and contexts.

Customer Relations

Developed customer service abilities with experience in point of sale, business-to-business, troubleshooting and finding solutions to customer needs. Able to interact effectively with all personality types and perspectives, maintain fairness, cool off tempers and find the root of a problem in order to find resolution.

Processes & Policies

Skilled at creating and implementing systems, policies and processes to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and expand the functionality of workflows utilizing both classic and modern methods.

Experience & Education

Work Experience
Eternal Beauty Institute & Medispa

Brand Manager & Medispa Director | 2020-2023

Brand Manager maintaining a large beauty school with multiple locations. Developed and maintained a professional brand image, restructured education programs, improved course material including textbooks and videos, planned and organized new medispa and services, managed 12 medispa staff including our medical director, created and implemented company policies, analyzed marketing opportunities, created and managed advertising campaigns, built multiple new websites, developed and produced marketing plans, created social media content, handled photography as needed, created company collateral such as brochures and signage, managed relationships with distributors and manufacturers, built a comprehensive e-commerce solution to sell beauty supplies and equipment.

Digital Bullet Media

Owner & Operator | 2013-2020

Began the business with 10 years of experience as a graphic designer and fresh website development skills, learning and mastering a wide spectrum of brand development services over the years. Gained extensive expertise in branding and graphic design, while greatly improving my website development skills. Trained the following years in a broad range of skills, gaining proficiency in additional services such as video and audio production, photography, apparel and promotional product design, as well as social media management, marketing and advertising services, publications and much more.

GSL GM City ··· Cadillac · Chevrolet · GMC · Buick

Sales Consultant | 2013-2013

Recruited as a licensed sales consultant for both the new and used vehicle departments. Had the opportunity to attend numerous General Motors training sessions for the entire new vehicle lineup and quickly found success with selling domestic automobiles. Became a key salesperson at the dealership for the Cadillac brand and went over and above to provide an excellent client experience throughout the entire sales process.

Hyatt Mitsubishi

Sales Consultant | 2008-2013

Employed as a licensed sales consultant in the New Car department and allowed cross-department selling of pre-owned vehicles, holding an additional AMVIC license for the Hyatt Wholesale pre-owned dealership in the adjacent building. Had the opportunity to participate in many excellent training seminars throughout my employment and gained valuable sales and client experience.

Dr. Green Lawncare Services

Sales & Management | 2008-2008

Hired as sales team manager to run an in-house call center and door-to-door marketing campaign in order to drive the company expansion into Alberta. Exceeded expectations, bringing in more than 6000 new clients to start the first season. Assisted with top-level company decisions and helped direct the company to a successful first season in the province.

Coast Wholesale Appliances

Sales | 2007-2008

Employed in the sales department. Duties included assisting new retail clients, communicating with home builders and assisting their clients, providing assistance with service issues, educating new staff on appliances and the industry, showroom maintenance as well as managing outgoing orders.

Visions Electronics

Manager | 2007-2007

Recruited to help spearhead the creation of a home theatre installation department. Managed all warehouses across Canada, reorganizing and improving staff morale. Devised a sytem for product accountability, ensured policies were properly implemented, successfully led an effort to develop and integrate innovative new web software and maintained open communication with company executives.

Soundsaround Electronics

Sales Consultant | 2004-2007

Hired as a sales consultant for the car audio department. Had early success in the position and was selected to assist in the set-up and opening of a brand new flagship store location. Became manager of the car audio department at the new store, also selling high-end home theatre equipment while ensuring strong accessory and warranty sales.

Nutri-Lawn Landscaping Services

Acreage Manager | 2002-2004

Manager and head operator of the acreage and commercial application department. Responsibilities included driving a truck and trailor, operating a small tractor and equipment, maintaining the customer database, communicating with customers and selling new services. In addition, duties included daily forklift operation, truck maintenance and servicing the tractor.

Gibsons Petroleum

Head Operator | 1998-1999

Assisted in the operation of a Shell Canada asphalt storage and transport facility, being promoted to head operator after one year. Performed general maintenance, instructed truck drivers and attended regular meetings. Created a computer database system to track facility maintenance and product shipments.

Nintendo Headquarters

Public Relations Manager | 1996-1999

Executive Editor and Public Relations Director for an online video game website affiliated with the Imagine Games Network. Work included reviewing games, writing editorials, establishing and maintaining industry contacts, tracking daily news stories and travelling to conferences and trade shows.

Devry Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems | 2002

Bishop Grandin High School

High School Diploma | 1998

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Some brands Jay has worked with

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Carmel Keenan
Medispa Manager, Eternal Beauty

The best designer I have worked with! Jay understands your needs and puts them up so beautifully. He is a complete package of creativity and marketing skills. He makes your website look far better than you expect and makes sure it satisfies every user who arrives on it. I recommend him and his designing skills no matter what type of business you need a website for. He is by far the best!

Victor Olagundoye
Owner, CanCorp Branding Inc.

Jay's expertise in custom WordPress development is simply outstanding. He took the time to listen to my needs and requirements, and then provided a solution that was both elegant and functional. What really stood out to me about Jay was his exceptional knowledge and friendly manner. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with his work, and his attention to detail was second to none.

Angelika Repan
Owner, Angelface Beauty

I'm a businesswoman in the beauty skincare industry, and I recently had the pleasure of working with Jay Cole. He did an exceptional job with my website, logo, and brand development. Jay's WordPress skills are unparalleled and he understood my business needs perfectly. He created a beautiful and user-friendly website that captured the essence of my brand. Jay is a true professional and I highly recommend him for his expertise, attention to detail and friendly demeanor. Thank you, Jay, for your outstanding work!

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